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Metrologic MS6520 Cubit Omnidirectional Scanner

Metrologic's Cubit is a compact omni-directional bar code scanner for retail presentation scanning applications. Cubit is equipped with a mounting bracket that can be attached securely to a countertop or wall for fixed-mount scanning. The mounting bracket allows for rotation as well with a locking design that gives Cubit 64° of tilt making it perfect for installation underneath check writing and credit card stands. Cubit’s housing design allows for added protection and durability to withstand the rigors of even the busiest point-of-sale environment. Projecting a patented omnidirectional scan pattern Cubit can scan and decode all standard bar codes as they are presented in any orientation. Cubit looks good too. Available in three different colors Cubit blends cosmetically with virtually any existing point-of-sale equipment.

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"I love this program by the way!!! It has been well worth the investment and nice to have a quality product and reliable company AND at an Affordable Price, too!!!
- L. Koscinski,
Riverbend Campground
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