Overview - Printing Options and Settings

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These settings, found both under the File menu and under the Maintenance menu, allow customization of the way things print.  Note that these settings are workstation-specific -- that is, if you are using multiple workstations on the network, changing the printer settings on one workstation will not affect the printer settings on other workstations.


Printer Setup -- Before printing receipts, you should go to File / Printer Setup to configure the appropriate printer (especially if using a 3" roll paper receipt printer).  See the chapter "Setting up your Campground Database" for details.


P.O.S. Note: If the P.O.S. option is enabled, then there will be additional tabs on this dialog.  See the P.O.S. Setup section for details on those settings.




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If the P.O.S. option is present:

P.O.S. Receipts

Purchase Orders


Notice message / Confirmation letter text




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