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(Accessed through Maintenance / Printing Options / Reservations, or File / Printing Options / Reservations.)


Note that these options apply mainly to the "default" reservation receipts and forms or any custom forms derived from them.  Custom forms can also incorporate these settings if desired, or they may be completely ignored -- see the Forms Setup section for more details.


Reservation Receipt default format -- Select the receipt format you will use most often.  You can select the format any time you print a receipt (without coming back here), but setting the most common one here will save steps later.  See the section Working with Transactions for details on each format.


Quote/Confirmation default format -- Select the receipt format to use when printing from the Quote/Confirmation function on the Reservation Details dialog.  This is typically the Confirmation Letter.


Copies (separate entries for each default format above) -- If you usually print duplicate receipts, you can change this to 2 so that you don't have to change the number of copies every time you print a receipt.  (You can still change the number of copies on the print dialog when printing -- this just determines the default number.).  Note that this does not affect the batch receipt printing or monthly billing.


Show separate charges for each synchronized site on receipts by default -- This simply determines whether the "Use separate entries for each site" option is checked by default when selecting rates. It can be changed when selecting rates, so this option just determines the default setting.  See Selecting Rates for more details.


Show quantity details in descriptions -- When a charge is for multiple sites, or involves a quantity like extra adults, detail is added to the description like "(3 x 4 sites)" or "(3 x 2)".  While this is helpful, it can also result in extra transactions and confusion when quantities are changed and auto-rates are used.  For a cleaner receipt, disable this option.


Show Site name/abbr in description of each Charge transaction even if only one site -- Normally the site name/number is only shown for each Charge item if there are multiple synchronized sites and the "Show separate charges..." option above is enabled.  If you want the site number to be shown for each charge even if there's only one site (e.g. for clarity on reports), then select this option.  (For synchronized sites, it would still only be shown when "Show separate charges" is also enabled).  Note that if the reservation changes sites, this can cause additional transactions to be added when auto-calculating, e.g. removing the charges for the old site and adding the charges for the new site.


Use the site "Name" on reservation receipts -- (checked by default) Normally the full site name is used on receipts, but if you prefer the short Abbreviation (from Site Details), then uncheck this option.


Use the site "Type" on confirmations instead of the site name -- If you prefer not to guarantee specific sites when confirming reservations, select this option to show only the site type, not the name.  This only affects the Confirmation Letter receipt format.  Note that if you have the "Show separate charges..." option set above, this option will also remove the site names from the charge detail descriptions, if the confirmation is printed from the Quote/Confirmation function on Reservation Details (but a separate charge will still be shown for each site).


Show all linked sites on receipts -- For reservations that are linked to other synchronized or sub-member reservations, the transactions on a receipt generally apply to more than one site.  With this option selected, the sites for the other reservations are listed at the bottom of the receipt.  If the other reservations are for different dates or times, then the dates and/or times are also shown.  This option is usually desired, but it can be disabled if this adds too much clutter to receipts.


Show "Paid Through" date on receipts -- Select whether to show the Paid Through date of a reservation an applicable receipts.


Show "Balance Due" or "Credit Balance" (above transactions list) on receipts -- Select whether to show any applicable balance as a separate large-font line above the transaction list when applicable for certain reservation receipts (full-page and register-style).


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