Adding Transactions

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There are basically two ways to enter transactions -- either through the Transactions Dialog used for normal charge/payment transactions (for reservations, customers, and unbound transactions), or through separate transaction entry dialogs for Expense and Misc. Income transactions.  Note that only operators with Manager access or above can enter Expense or Misc. Income transactions.  Any operator with Clerk access or higher may enter other transactions.


This chapter goes into detail for all of the Transaction-related functions.  For the basics of how to get started entering transactions for your customer's reservations, refer to the Transactions topic in the Working with Reservations chapter.





How Transactions Work


Reservation vs. Customer Transactions


Transaction Types


Recommended Transaction and Reporting Procedures


The Transactions Dialog

Using the Transactions Dialog

Selecting Rates


Entering Individual Transactions

Charge, Discount and Credit Transactions

Tax Transactions

Payment and Deposit Transactions

Refund Transactions

Payment and Deposit Transfer Transactions

Grid-Entry Method

Printing Receipts

Receipt Types


Back-dating Transactions

Security/Key Deposits

Bounced Check Handling


Reservation Transactions


Customer Transactions


Unbound Transactions


Transaction History Dialog


Misc. Income and Expense Transactions


Electric Meters


Monthly Billing


Find Receipt


Reports (Transactions tab view)




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