Unbound Transactions

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P.O.S. note -- If you have purchased the P.O.S. option, you will probably never use Unbound transactions -- you will use the Point of Sale for any merchandise sales.  Refer to that section for details.  If you don't have the P.O.S. option, then Unbound Transactions are used as described below.



You may occasionally want to make transactions that are not applied to a customer or a reservation, such as gift shop purchases by walk-in customers (no need to clutter the customer database with non-campers or strangers).  To do this, you can use the Transaction button on the toolbar (the cash register), or Transactions / Enter Unbound Transactions from the main menu (depending on options settings for the action of the cash register icon).


At this point, the familiar Transactions dialog will appear, just like for reservations and customers.  The main difference is that there is no customer or reservation information at the top.  Another difference is the receipt appearance, even though it's the same general format as the reservation or customer receipt.  It will only show the park information, (the first Park defined in the database will be used, if you have multiple Parks set up).


If you do Select Rates for unbound transactions, the Merchandise rate type will be selected by default, since you're most likely entering counter sales.  


The Deposit button will be disabled for unbound transactions -- deposits cannot be properly tracked for unbound transactions (and don't really make sense), so they are not allowed.


Since unbound transactions are not linked to a customer or reservation, they will only appear in the Transactions report (tab view) once you've entered them -- there is no other "transaction history" function for unbound transactions.  If necessary, you can edit an unbound transaction by locating it on the Transaction report and using the Transactions option on the right-click menu.  All transactions entered at the same time (one Transaction dialog session) will still be grouped together, so for instance you can make changes to a counter sale and print out a complete new receipt.  (Note: this only applies to unbound transactions entered with Campground Master version 1.2 or later -- previous versions did not support the grouping.)


For further details, see the Transactions Dialog section.


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