Transaction History Dialog

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This dialog is used for the Transaction History function from Reservation Details and Customer Details.  It shows a list of all transactions for that reservation or customer, including the details of each transaction.


Most of this information can also be accessed through the New / Edit Transactions functions on those dialogs, but there are a few special purpose functions available here.


Prior transactions -- If you have previously used the Purge functionality to clear out old reservations, then a customer's Transaction History will show the total amount of payments the customer had in the purged transactions.  This is simply for informational purposes so you can see if the customer has been a regular visitor. (Since only "balanced" transactions can be purged, you can assume that there was no outstanding balance for the purged transactions, so the amount "charged" was equal to the amount paid).


Print and Export -- You can print this detailed history list if needed, or export it to a text file.


Move Up and Move Down -- If you have sufficient operator access (Administrator by default), you can move selected transactions in the list.  This order affects the order that transactions are printed receipts on receipts, so it can be useful when entering prior transactions that were missed.  It can also be useful for getting payments categorized properly in the Receipts by Category report (because charges must appear before the payment for those charges in order to categorize the payments properly).


Note that if you're in a reservation's transaction history, moving transactions will also move them in the customer's history.  However if you're in the customer's history (e.g. from Customer Details), moving transactions only affects the order in the customer's history, not the corresponding reservation.   Therefore always access Transaction History from the Reservation Details if you need to move reservation transactions.


Also note that moving transactions here does not generally affect their order in the Transaction tab view (reports), because that sorts by date, time, and the record ID.  (Moving transactions around doesn't affect the record ID, only the logical position in a list.)


Warning -- Be very careful about moving Deposit and Deposit Applied transactions -- the order of these is very important for proper reporting of deposit account balances and exporting deposit amounts to QuickBooks.


Move to a Different Reservation or Customer -- This allows you to move the selected transactions to a completely different reservation or customer.  It can also be used to move a Customer transaction to a Reservation or vice-versa, for instance if the transactions were entered through the wrong dialog.  


This function should be used only when necessary, and with extreme caution!  Once moved, there is no "Undo" function, and if you move them to the wrong place it can be difficult to locate the transactions again.  Also note that moving transactions will most likely affect the Receipts by Category report, if not moved as a zero-balanced charges/payments group.  Therefore this should only be done when a known mistake was made, e.g. if a payment was entered the wrong place, and you need to correct it without deleting the original and re-entering it.



Selecting the Move destination...


The dialog that appears for selecting the "Move" destination will show the current reservation or customer information.  


You need to fist select a reservation or customer to move them to, using one of the Find functions.  Remember the difference between Reservation and Customer transactions -- if you use Find Customer to select a customer, then the transactions will not show on any reservation for that customer -- they will only appear in the transactions for that customer.  If the transactions are supposed to be for a particular Reservation, then you must use Find Reservation and locate the specific reservation (for the appropriate site and dates).


Finally, click OK, Move Transactions! to perform the move.



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