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There are several basic receipt types described here.  By default, all of these (and some variations of each) are set up by default in the Forms definitions.  You can disable the ones you don't need, create modified versions, or even create complete custom forms if you like.


Ticket form -- This type was designed to look like a common printed form, familiar to many campgrounds doing hand-written tickets.  This is also the only type that will contain the Additional Notes section, which comes from the Park record.  There is also a no-color form which will print faster, and also forms with the Site and Dates on the left-hand side (which may work better when folded for showing in windows, etc.).  To customize the Notice section of the receipts, see Maintenance / Printed notices & text.


Full-page invoice -- This is designed for a full-size page (Letter, A4, etc.), and prints a professional-looking invoice with the word "Invoice" at the top.  The customer's address position can be adjusted for use with window envelopes (see File / Printing Options). There is also a no-lines version that will print faster, which doesn't put lines around the transaction table.  To customize the Notice section of the receipts, see Maintenance / Printed notices & text.


Full-page receipt and full-page statement -- These are identical to the full-page invoice, except that the header will show "Receipt" or "Statement" instead of "Invoice".  In addition, the Notice message can be set up differently for these formats.


Register-style statement -- This is similar to the full-page statement above, but the transactions table is in a credits/debits format, similar to a bank statement or check register.  This is useful for long-term residents where they might not pay the exact bill each time.  They can see at a glance what their balance was on any given date.


Quick-receipt -- this is a basic fast-printing receipt, with no lines or color.  It is also small and will print on half-pages or small paper sizes like A5 (landscape mode).  This format does not include the "Notice" and customer signature sections like the Ticket and Invoice forms.


Confirmation letter -- This is in the form of a letter, designed for use as a reservation confirmation.  It has the transactions table like the other receipts (with no lines, for a more letter-like appearance), and also includes customizable text sections for the confirmation notice (see Maintenance / Printed notices & text / Confirmation letter text).  The Notice will not include a customer signature line as it does on invoices and receipts.  The customer's address position can also be adjusted for use with window envelopes (see File / Printing Options).


3" Receipt Printer -- This is generally only used for retail-type receipt printers, typically using a 3" or smaller paper roll.  This will print a special format suitable for a narrow printer, so it could also be used with any small-format paper slips.  The transactions are printed on two lines instead of one so there is room for the description.  If your printer does graphics and non-fixed (TrueType) fonts well enough, then you may be able to use the first (non-fixed) option.  Otherwise, you may need to use the "fixed-pitch font" option for more readable printing.  Make sure you have the printer's fixed-pitch font and number of columns set up in File / Printing Options if you use the fixed-pitch font option.


Note that there is no special provision for a paper cutter on receipt printers.  If the driver for your printer has an "automatic" cutting function which knows when the printing is finished, that should work, but otherwise a paper cutter is not directly supported.  You may also be able to insert special control characters in the bottom text that prints at the end of the receipts to tell the printer where to cut the paper (this works best with the direct-to-port format below).


3" Receipt Printer, direct to port -- This is the preferred method of printing on simple 3" receipt printers, because it doesn't require a Windows driver and is very fast.  It sends raw text to the printer, so it will print in the printer's native font.  Note that this option will not be shown unless the Direct to Port settings have been set up through File / Printer Setup, and it only works if the printer is directly connected to the computer through a parallel or serial port.  If the printer uses a USB connection or is accessed through the network, this option cannot be used.


Credit Card Slip -- These formats are designed for the customer to sign when paying by credit card, and work on 3" receipt printers so they're similar to the 3" receipt printer formats above.  Normally you would not select this unless Campground Master is doing the actual credit card processing, and then it's normally configured to print the slip automatically.  However you can select this to print another copy if necessary.  Note that both the these formats (normal and fixed-pitch font) use the corresponding 3" Receipt printer settings.


Window Tag -- This is a special form used to print a form suitable for placing in vehicle windows.  It includes the park name & address (small), customer name, confirmation number and vehicle license numbers, plus the Site name, first night, and last night in large font.  This can be printed on plain paper (typically folded in half after printing, or on special long tags fed in the printer like envelopes, or even a 3" receipt printer in landscape mode (if it supports TrueType fonts).  If the paper is large enough to be folded in half (e.g. larger  than about 6" tall), then you can fill the bottom half with rules and other text (see Maintenance / Printed notices & text / Window Tag bottom text).


Note that while a window tag is not technically a receipt, it can generally only be printed from the same functions receipts are printed -- the Transactions dialog, Reports / Reservation Receipts, and the right-click printing functions such as Print for this Reservation / Receipt.


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