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(Accessed through Maintenance / Printing Options / Reports, or File / Printing Options / Reports.)


These options apply to any of the grid-type reports -- tab views, single records, and any other "reports".


Always preview reports before printing -- When this option is set, you will get the chance to preview the printout before actually printing a report, even if you don't select Print Preview from the File menu.  In fact, for reports that are printed from Print buttons in dialogs rather than the main menu or toolbar button, this option is the only way to get a preview.  It's highly recommended that you leave this option turned on so that you don't accidentally print reports in a tiny font or that will span many pages due to an improper Fit Output to Page setting.  Note that this option only applies to reports and other grid-type printing, not to receipts & invoices, mailing labels, envelopes, etc.  For those, see the Always Preview Receipts option below.


Show printer setup dialog when printing reports -- by default, a dialog will appear every time you print with options for printer selection, layout, number of copies, etc.  This requires an extra step to "OK" this dialog each time.  By checking this option, that dialog is skipped so there's one less mouse click required.  It will use the default settings from Printer Setup for reports.  A small "Printing" message will appear momentarily just to let you know that it's printing, since there may not be any other indication if you're not near the printer.


Print in Black & White only -- When this is selected, all grid reports are simply black text, optionally with grid lines (according to the Grid Lines option described later).  When not selected, the grids will use the exact colors as seen on the display, including the gray headers and the color-coded reservation status.  Black & White will result in more readable reports on non-color printers like laser printers, and also helps save ink and can speed up report output on color printers.  It's common to want some reports printed in black & White and others in color, so this option is also available under File in the main menu for easy access.


Zoom percent (100 = normal) -- This affects any of the grid reports, as long as the Fit Output to Page option is not set.  With the 100 percent value, the printed grid will be approximately the same physical size as on the computer screen.  You can adjust this value to suit your preferences.  Set it to a smaller value, for instance 80 percent, to fit more on a page.  If you want a larger printout, perhaps for posting the day's arrivals on a bulletin board, set it to a larger value like 125.


Fit Output to Page Horizontally -- When this is selected, the font size in reports will be shrunk or enlarged, as needed, so that they fit the width of the page.  (The reports can still take multiple pages if it's longer than the page vertically, even with the horizontally-fit font.)  This can result in some very small text (or very large text in some cases if the "Allow stretching" option is selected), but will save paper and make some reports easier to manage.  When not selected, a fixed font size will be used (see Zoom percent below) no matter how large the report will be, which could cause the report to span many pages horizontally and/or vertically.  It is common to want some reports printed with this option set and others without it, so this option is also available under File in the main menu.


Allow stretching to the full width -- When this is selected along with Fit Output to Page Horizontally, the font of any grid-report will be enlarged so that the report fills the entire width of the page if necessary.  This is not normally desired, but might be useful to print out extra-large text for posting vacancies in a window, for instance.


When printing single records...


Skip blank fields (when printing single records) -- When using the Print button from dialogs such as Reservation Details, Site Details, and Customer Details, this option will shorten the output so that it only shows fields that are filled in.  This will usually result in a printout that will fit on a single page.


Use a grid format (when printing single records) - When using the Print button from dialogs such as Reservation Details, Site Details, and Customer Details, this option will make the printout be in a grid.  When turned off, the printouts will be in columnar text format, which is faster and uses less ink.


Report footer text -- This is normally the program name, for your reference as the source of any reports printed.  If necessary, you can change this to other text (or blank it out).


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