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There are different Printer Setup configuration functions for each kind of printing that the software does.  You can customize the orientation, paper size, and paper source settings for each printing task, and even specify a different printer for each task.  All of these settings are remembered so that they only need to be set once.


Note that any printer settings that use the Windows "default printer" will automatically change if the Windows default printer is changed (for instance if you install a new printer).  The settings should be re-checked in any case, since the new printer may not support the same paper size or source, resulting in an improper setting.


Campground Master can support any printer that can be driven by Windows.  Ink jet printers are the most common type used, and will best allow the graphics and color to be printed.


Manager access is required by default to change Printer Setup options.



Default (grid-type reports)


This setting is used for everything that isn't a special format.  This includes the tab views and any report that prints in a grid-type format.  In some cases you will want to set this to Landscape orientation so that more columns fit on the page.  



Map view


This setting is used only for the Map tab view.



Receipt formats (various)


You can set up different printer settings for each specific receipt format  -- Ticket Form, Full-page Invoice, Confirmation Letter, etc.  For instance, you may want to print receipts on small paper and confirmation letters on normal paper.  To avoid changing paper, you can connect a different printer for each printing task (this would even allow printing of invoices and window tags at the same time, for instance).  



Receipt Printer (3" paper)


The Receipt Printer settings are specifically for retail-type receipt printers which typically use 3" roll paper.  Any receipt printer that has a serial or parallel interface, or has a Windows printer driver, should work with Campground Master.  


Note: This printer setting is also used for credit the card slip receipt formats, for instance if you have credit card processing handled by Campground Master.


For details on setting up a receipt printer, see one of these sections in the Maintenance chapter, depending on how the printer is connected to the computer:

 For USB printers or any printer using a Windows driver: Receipt Printer USB/Driver Settings

 For old style printers directly connected to a parallel or serial port: Receipt Printer Direct to Port Settings


Note that you don't actually have to use a special receipt printer to use the 3" receipt formats.  For instance you can set it to use a full-size printer and select a paper size like #10 envelopes or index cards, to print narrow receipts on specially sized paper.



Purchase Orders


This only appears if the P.O.S. option is enabled.  It specifies the setup for Purchase Orders, in case they need to be on a particular printer.



Envelopes and Mailing Labels


The most likely change needed is to set the Envelopes to use Landscape orientation and the proper paper size (e.g. Envelope - #10). Otherwise you may not see anything print on the envelope, since the default is Portrait orientation.


Mailing labels are assumed to be the typical 30-per-page mailing labels.  The default printer settings will usually work, but some tweaking of the offsets in File / Printing Options may be needed.



Custom printers


These are extra printer selections that can be used for custom Forms, in case you need to set up a printer that's not used for anything else.  (Otherwise one of the other selections above could be used for the custom form.



Refresh printer selections


This is a special function that simply forces Campground Master to reload the printer information from Windows (same as if you closed and restarted Campground Master). No settings are changed.  This can be useful for instance if the default printer has changed, assuming you have not created a special setup with one of the options above.  Try this first if you're getting printing errors and it seems to show the correct printer in Printer Setup, or if it's locking up if you try to go to one of the Printer Setup configurations.



Reset ALL printer configurations to use the Windows default printer


This is a special function that will completely reset all of the Printer Setup configurations you might have created above (deletes them from the INI file), resetting them so it will use the Windows default printer settings unless manually configured.  This may be required if a printer driver has been re-installed or the printer changed to a different port but still uses the same name.  This is a drastic measure and should probably only be done if directed by a support technician.  Administrator access is required by default for this function.



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