Reservation Receipts and Forms

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Note:  Many common questions related to Receipts have been answered in our newsletters -- be sure to check the Newsletter Category Index (click this link) to see if your question is answered there.



This report dialog is similar to the mailing labels and envelopes dialog.  You can get to this report from the main Report menu or from a right-click menu on a tab view (print a receipt for the selected reservation, or print reservation receipts for all shown reservations).


You can filter the reservations to print with the Filtering button.  If entering this report dialog from the Reports main menu, it will show only reservations made today by default.  Therefore if you print a batch of confirmation letters for reservations made each day, it's all set (but you may want to further filter out any that have already checked in if you have walk-ins).  See below for details on the filtering dialog.  Note that the filtering options are not saved once the report dialog is closed.


The total number of reservations in the list is shown at the bottom. Also note that you can double-click on any line to get the Reservation Details dialog, where you could make changes if needed.  The list will be re-generated with any updates you make.


If you would like to print out the list or export the list to a CSV file, use the Print List or Export List button.  This will print or export the entire contents of the list in the dialog, just as it is shown.


Once you have them filtered as needed, you can trim down the list further by selecting only those reservations to print.  Use the multi-select methods to select multiple records (click / shift-click for a range, ctrl-click for individual lines).  If none are selected, all will be printed (the same as selecting all records).


Once you have what you want to print selected, you will want to select the receipt format to print.  See Receipt Types in the Working with Transactions section for details on the different types.  There may also be other form selections available from the drop-down list.  The selections available depend on what formats have been set up in the Forms Setup, as well as the user's access level.  If the Form selected here is a custom form, and if you have sufficient operations access, then an Edit Form button will appear so you can make last-minute changes to the form if needed.


You will also have the typical options for what transactions to include just like for printing receipts.


Finally, just click Print Receipts (or press F8) to print them.



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