Reservation Filtering Dialog

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This dialog allows a number of filtering options to aid in generating lists with Find Reservation, printing mailing labels and envelopes, and batch-printing of invoices or confirmation letters.


The first section is the date filtering.  If selected, there are several different options for date filtering (only one date option can be used at a time).  There's also an option to include only those NOT meeting the date criteria, for example to include only those not made during a particular time period.


Next you can filter by the length of stay.  You can specify a range of nights or just a minimum number of nights (by leaving the maximum set to 0).  Note that this only includes actual nights stayed or reserved, not blocked nights.


The next section includes options to include any that have a negative, positive, or no balance.


Next is an option to only include the "transaction master" for linked reservations.  Use this for instance if you only want to include one reservation of a linked set, which would be the one that transactions are on (but that reservation must also match the other criteria, unless one of the "linked" options below is selected).


Next is a special section that allows a reservation to be included even if the reservation itself doesn't match the criteria, but a reservation that it's linked to does match the criteria.  For instance, this option could be used if you want to include all reservations for a particular site plus any reservations linked to those.


If you need more advanced conditions, then you can also enter an Advanced Condition Expression.  This requires knowledge of expression creation, part of the Advanced Customizations functionality.  For instance this could be used to filter by a particular customer criteria like the warning flag, or some other reservation field like # of Adults.


Next, you can filter by the reservation type, reservation status, the discount used on the reservation, how they heard about your park, or why they canceled.  You can make single or multiple selections in each list as needed.  (Selecting none of the options in the list is the same as selecting all of them.)


Text Filtering -- Click this button to set up a text search so it only include reservations that have a data field matching certain text.  See Text Filtering for details.


Site Filtering -- You can use Site Filtering to select the individual sites, site types, site classes, and/or parks to include.


To clear all filter selections (to do no filtering so all reservations in the database are included), click the Reset Filtering button.


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