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(Accessed through Maintenance / Printing Options / Credit Cards, or File / Printing Options / Credit Cards.)


These options apply when a credit card payment or refund is entered. Note that some of these options apply mainly to the "default" receipts and forms or any custom forms derived from them.  Custom forms can also incorporate these settings if desired, or they may be completely ignored -- see the Forms Setup section for more details.


Show credit card information on receipts -- This option will show the credit card number (masked with X's except for the last 4 digits), expiration date, etc. on the receipts if the last payment (or refund) was made with a credit card and the information was entered.  


...only on 3" receipt printer formats -- Set this to designate that the credit card information is only included on 3" receipt printer receipts, for instance if you don't want it to appear on the ticket form, confirmation letters, etc., but want it to show on the cash-register type receipts.


Include credit card signature line -- If you're showing the credit card information, you can also opt to include a signature line on every receipt that has the credit card information.  This is typically only enabled if you're doing the credit card processing through Campground Master (otherwise your credit card machine prints the appropriate signature ticket), and even with Campground Master doing the processing, you may prefer the auto-print option below.


...only if authorization is processed --Set this option to only show the signature line if Campground Master actually does the processing.


... skip for EMV-processed cards -- Set this option to skip the signature area if the card was an EMV card processed on an EMV terminal.



Automatically print a credit card signature slip when credit card payment is entered -- This is the preferred option if Campground Master is doing the credit card processing.  This will print a slip for the customer to sign as soon as the Enter Payment dialog is closed, so it's faster than you printing it manually.


... and also when a Deposit is entered (else just Payments and Refunds) -- Set this if you also want credit card slips printed for Deposits.  If deposits are usually done by phone and you don't need a credit card slip printed, then you may want to uncheck this.


...only if authorization is processed -- Set this option to only auto-print the signature slip if Campground Master actually does the processing.


Credit card slip format -- There is a special "Credit Card Slip" format that's normally used, designed for 3" receipt printers.  This prints the minimal necessary information, with only the payment transaction instead of all transactions.  (Note that this format always goes to the printer set up as the "Receipt Printer", but it doesn't have to be a special printer -- you can make a normal printer simulate a 3" printer by selecting a paper size like a 4x6 index card, for instance.)  If you prefer to print one of the other formats, with complete information instead of the summary, you can select that here.


Copies (non-EMV or EMV) -- You can change this for instance to print 2 copies of the credit card slip when it's processed, so you can give one to the customer also.  This isn't strictly necessary because the credit card info can also be added to their normal receipt (see above).  It's generally more desirable to let it just print one credit card slip, which they sign for you to keep, and then print one full receipt for them.  This is because the credit card slip includes no details of the sale, only a total, so they will need a full receipt anyway.  There's a separate setting for EMV-processed cards since those may not require you to keep a signature slip for yourself.


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