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(Accessed through Maintenance / Park Setup / Sites.)


This is where you set up all of your campground's rentable commodities -- anything that needs to be reserved on a daily (or nightly) basis.  While this primarily applies to accommodations like camping sites or cabins, it can also apply to motel rooms, boat docks, storage sites, ballrooms, or even bicycles and video tapes.  It's completely up to you.


You may be limited on the number of site records you can enter depending on the license you purchase.  You can see the limit for your license in the View Product Authorizations dialog.  You will get an error message if you try to enter more than you're authorized for.


You can print the entire list of sites, or print a Form for any sites selected, by clicking the Print List or Print a Form button.  If the Print a Form button is clicked, the Select Form dialog will allow you to choose which form to print for each selected site (assuming any forms are defined with Sites as the base table).



Site Order (and Changing the Order)


The order of the sites in the Sites Setup dialog determines the order that the sites appear on the Rack tab view, and how they are sorted in other tab views, reports or drop-down boxes.  Therefore you should plan the order to be most convenient for you.  However it's easy to change the order later -- just select one or more sites by clicking on them (Ctrl-click to select multiple sites), and use the Move Up or Move Down buttons to move them in the list.



Hiding Inactive Sites


If you take a site offline or for any reason want to keep it from showing any more, view the Site Details for it and check the "Site is Inactive" box. Inactive sites will show "(INACTIVE)" next to their Abbreviation in the list.  To make a site active again (or to set one inactive), just uncheck that box again in Site Details.



Adding Sites


To add a new site to the list, click the Add new site button.  This will open the Site Details dialog for a new site, where you can enter the information for it.  See the next section, Edit Site Details, for more details.  Once a site is added and saved, you will return to the Sites Setup and it will be added to the end of the list.  


If you need to add a site in between other sites, select the site it should appear above and click the Insert new site button. (If you accidentally added it to the bottom already, see Site Order above for moving it).


Tip: If adding more than one site, click "Add Site" in the Site Details dialog instead of Save -- this adds another one immediately and skips the step of coming back into Sites Setup.



Adding many sites at once


There is a function to Add/Insert Multiple Sites, making it very easy to add hundreds of sites in one step.  But for adding your first few sites and changing individual sites, you should use the Add new site function and enter all of the appropriate details.



Editing Sites


To edit an existing site, simply click on the site in the list to select it, and click the Edit site details button.  That will open the Site Details dialog where you can make any changes necessary.


Tip: If you need to make common changes to many sites, for instance setting an attribute, it may be much faster to use the Raw Data Tables function.  In the raw data table you can edit the fields of all sites in a grid form, copy fields to multiple sites at once, copy multiple fields at once, etc.



Copying sites


You can copy one or more sites (create duplicates) to speed things up -- however, this also duplicates the names and abbreviations of the sites, which is not desirable (a warning will be shown).  After copying sites, be sure to Edit the site details and change the abbreviations and names to something unique (e.g. different site numbers).


Note: When you use "Copy", the new copies will appear at the end of the list.  In most cases you will want to move the new copies up to a more appropriate order



Make date(s) Available or Unavailable


These functions allow you to select any number of sites, enter one or more dates or date ranges, and will add those dates to the available or unavailable (blocked) dates for all of those sites.  It does so by adjusting the "Special Dates Available" or "Special Dates Unavailable" fields of the Site Details.  It won't modify the "Season Dates" setting.  So for instance if you use "Make date(s) Available" but the site is already showing those dates as available, it won't change anything.



Deleting sites


Although you can delete a site from the Site Details dialog, it won't allow you to delete any site that has already been used for a reservation.  This would result in an undefined site link if you ever view a reservation for this site.  It's only safe to delete a site if it has never been used for a reservation, for instance when you are setting up sites for the first time.  If you need to "remove" a site later, you should use the Site is Inactive flag discussed below.  If you do delete a site by accident, you can add it back to the correct place using the Insert new site function.



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