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A general Form Selection dialog is used in many places throughout Campground Master, typically for selecting a Form to print (e.g. from Find Reservations, Customer Details, Sites Setup, etc) or for selecting an E-mail format to use (from Transactions / Send E-mail Form).


In some cases, the Form Selection dialog will also have an option at the top to print a Grid format instead of a Form.  This will typically print a list of fields for the current record (e.g. if invoked from a single-record dialog like Edit Site or Customer Details), or it will print the entire list of records being shown (e.g. if invoked from a multiple-record dialog like Find Customers).


If the grid option is not selected (or not available), then a drop-down list will contain one or more Form types to choose from.  When a Form type is selected, any available Forms of that type will be shown on the list below.  Just double-click on that Form (or select it and click the OK, Print, or Use button as appropriate) to use that Form.


There may also be an Edit Form button available if the current operator has sufficient access permissions to edit Forms.  This allows you to edit the Form and then come back to print it again, without going back to the Maintenance functions.


Note that if Print Preview is enabled for receipts (through Printing Options), then of course it will show a preview of the Form when the Print button is clicked.  An added benefit is that if you Cancel the preview instead of Printing, you'll still be in the Form Selection dialog where you can choose another Form, or Edit the Form and try again.


For E-mail forms, there will be an option to Preview before sending.  If this is checked, then when you click OK it will open the E-mail sending form where you can preview and edit anything about the E-mail before sending it.


Also, if an E-mail form is selected that includes a Transaction table then there will be options at the bottom to select which transactions are printed (the same as are usually available for printing receipts).




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