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Non-master workstations will display this dialog any time a connection to the master is being made or is terminated (either upon starting up, whenever the connection is lost, or if a connection is manually initiated through the network functions).  If this becomes an annoyance rather than a benefit, it can be disabled through Maintenance / Network Functions / Network Setup.


During normal start up, assuming the auto-start network option is enabled, this dialog will appear to show the progress.  Once a connection is made, the dialog will close automatically after 5 seconds (you will see the countdown).  You can also close it immediately by clicking the Close button.  Note that this will not close the connection, just the dialog!


If a disconnect or network error is detected, for instance due to network errors or if the master workstation is shut down, the Connection dialog will automatically appear to show that it has been disconnected.  If a connection is not in progress or already established, the "Connect to Server" button will be enabled.  You can click this to attempt a connection any time.  However if auto-start is enabled, it may automatically start reconnecting immediately, or after the "heartbeat" time.  Once it's connected you can again wait for the 5 second timeout or close it at any time (even if it's not finished connecting -- it will continue even with the dialog closed).


If a connection cannot be made, the dialog will show an error after a few seconds.  Again, you can either wait for the heartbeat to reconnect automatically, click Connect to reconnect immediately, or Close the dialog and let it work on its own.


If your workstation is disconnected and auto-start is not enabled, you can use the Connect to Server function under Maintenance / Network Functions to initiate a connection (which will also show Connecting dialog).





See "Setting up for a Network" for Quick Troubleshooting Tips and other details on network setup procedures.





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