Request a Full Database Refresh

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This function is available only to operators with Administrator access, and is available through Maintenance / Network Functions / Request a full database refresh.  It can only be done on a client computer, since the Master doesn't need to be refreshed from itself.


This requests that the entire database be refreshed (copied) from the master.  This might be needed if log files become corrupt preventing resynchronization, or if the workstation has been offline so long that logs no longer contain all of the changes needed.  (Generally these are detected automatically and a full refresh will be done as needed -- however this function is provided in the menu just in case things don't seem to be synchronizing correctly.)  Note that this can cause significant delays at the master as well as this workstation while the database is being transmitted, so use only when workstation activity is minimal.


Make sure you only do it on one client at a time. A dialog will appear showing the status of the request as it is working, e.g. "Received part 1 of 10" .  It cannot be aborted once requested  -- while you can close the dialog if you want to try to exit the program, nothing else should be done on the client while it is being requested & received.  Typically it can take 10 to 30 seconds for each "part" (each part is about 1 Megabyte), and for large databases there may be 50 or more parts.  If it seems to get stuck shows that it failed, you may need to restart the master and client and try again, or manually copy the database from the master.


Once it is finished, the database will be reloaded and it will reconnect to the server, and everything should be synchronized.


If you still experience problems, for instance if the master repeatedly tries to synchronize a workstation or simply gets continually locked up in a synchronization loop when a particular workstation is connected, a Full Network Resync may be needed.


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