Net Client Diagnostics Dialog

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This dialog can be opened on non-master workstations to view the activity on the network and perform a couple diagnostic functions.  This dialog may be left open while working in the program (though it will stay on top unless it's minimized), or closed/hidden at any time.


This function is available only to operators with Administrator access, and is available through Maintenance / Network Functions / View Network Diagnostics Window.


Network settings are shown for reference -- to change them, you must use the Maintenance / Network Functions / Network Setup function.


The large window will show status messages, indicating messages received and sent by this workstation.  It will not show activity from any other workstation.  In general, this can be used to see if it's getting and sending "Alive" messages, see the results of record lock requests, changes sent and received, and error messages.  Sequence numbers are shown where appropriate, for comparison to logs if needed.


If you want to see the Alive messages, you must check the "Include details" box.  (Unchecking this will help minimize the messages shown and allow easier inspection of the messages.)  Also, when details are included you will see the details of every change transmitted or received, in the same format as the log.


By default the message window will hold 100 lines.  You can increase this if necessary, however this can dramatically affect the speed and possibly cause networking problems due to extra delays (up to about 1000 lines should be tolerable without problems). Note that the number of lines will still be saved even if the window is closed / hidden (so the messages are still there when it's opened again.  However, once the program is closed it will revert to 100 lines to avoid adverse effects.




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