Net Server Diagnostics Dialog

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This dialog can be opened on master workstations to view the activity on the network and perform a couple diagnostic functions.  This dialog may be left open while working in the program (though it will stay on top unless it's minimized), or closed/hidden at any time.


This function is available only to operators with Administrator access, and is available through Maintenance / Network Functions / View Network Diagnostics Window.


Most of the functions are the same as the Net Client Diagnostics Dialog, but the server has a few additional functions.


The server diagnostics will show each of the workstations connected (by nickname if they have nicknames set up).  There is a button to forcefully disconnect one or all of them, e.g. if it seems "stuck".  (Remember that they will automatically attempt to reconnect if they have the auto-start network option enabled.)  To completely disconnect and not allow reconnection of any client, click the Stop button to stop the server.


If you see a Start button instead of Stop, that means the server is currently stopped.  The server will not automatically restart (even if auto-start is enabled) if you stop it manually.  To restart the server and wait for client connections, click the Start button.




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