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Since Campground Master networking uses TCP/IP communications, it's often treated as an unknown "threat" by firewall software.  This is usually simple to correct by directing the firewall to allow the communications.  


For most software firewalls, you simply "Allow" or "Grant" access for Campground Master when it first prompts about the unknown program, and tell it to remember this choice.  If you miss this opportunity to unblock it, then you can go into the configuration of the firewall(s) you use and add Campground Master to the list of exceptions (allowed programs). Be sure you do this on all computers running Campground Master.


Note: If a new version of Campground Master is installed, or you change between master and client, the firewall may block it even though the exception rule is still there.  Therefore you'll need to go into the firewall's configuration and remove the exception rule for Campground Master.  Then restart Campground Master and let the firewall ask about it again so you can grant access.


If you're using a hardware firewall (in a router box, for instance) or any firewall or gateway setup outside of the computer running Campground Master, then you may need to unblock the port being used.  It uses port 6010 by default, but this is set up in the Network Setup so be sure to check which port you're using.


For details about configuring your firewall software to allow a particular program (application), refer to its documentation or search the internet for examples.



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