Credit Card Security Setup

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This dialog is accessed through Maintenance / Credit Cards / Security Setup.  The options here allow some flexibility in the way credit card information is handled by the program.


These options apply whether you process credit cards through Campground Master or not, as long as you're entering credit card information in the designated fields for Guarantee Information or for Payments and Deposits.  If you put credit cards in other places, such as Notes fields, then that information is not secure at all regardless of these options.


Important: For maximum security, all options here should be checked (enabled).  While disabling some options can make it more convenient for the user, be aware that any disabled options reduce the security of your customers' credit card information!


Note: Also see Maintenance / Park Setup / Access Levels to restrict operator access for viewing credit card numbers.


Remove Guarantee info...  -- These three options allow you to configure how long the "Guarantee" credit card information is kept.  Besides keeping operators from viewing it, this also means that it won't be accidentally used for later transactions by the customer (assuming this is enabled at all, see below).


Remove credit card information from all Transactions... -- These two options allow you to automatically remove any card information from a Reservation's Transactions once they check out (or if the Reservation is canceled).  Be aware that this will also remove any stored "transaction references" used for credit card processing, so it will be impossible to add additional charges or give refunds without providing the credit card information again.  It only retains the "Approval code", if present from previous processing, so you can tell that it was actually processed through Campground Master.


Don't retrieve previous credit card information for new transactions and guarantee info -- If this is disabled (unchecked), then it will check previous transactions or guarantees for credit card information when guaranteeing or adding a payment or deposit to an existing reservation (or customer).  If a previous credit card is found, that card information will be filled in automatically (but can be changed using the "Re-enter / Re-swipe" button).  Note that this retrieved data will not have the swipe data (due to PCI compliance), so it will be more expensive to process the charge than if you re-swipe the card.  Therefore you may want to keep this option checked so you're always forced to swipe the card again and will get the best processing rate.


Limit retrieval of previous card information to the current reservation's transactions -- If you allow previous card retrieval at all (by disabling the previous option), it's a good idea to limit it to the current reservation instead of looking at previous reservations.  Besides security reasons, this keeps you from accidentally charging to an old card from a previous stay.


Note: As of version 10.0 rev.g, the "Don't retrieve" settings above are ignored for Refund transactions, since the previous card information is required in order to do refunds.


Never save credit card numbers --If this is set, then the card number entered for a Payment, Deposit, or Refund will only be saved as a masked number after processing.  If you don't process cards through Campground Master, then credit card entry fields for transactions and guarantee information will be disabled.  Note that if you use X-Charge XpressLink or Cayan/MerchantWare Web for processing cards, then a secure ID is saved for the credit card so that you can still use the card again for future transactions even though Campground Master never saves the complete card number.


Note that a transaction ID code is saved even if the card number is not saved, since it's required for refunds.


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