Access Levels Setup

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The Access Levels setup dialog (Maintenance / Park Setup / Access Levels) can only be viewed by an operator with Administrator access.  This is where an administrator will set up the minimum access level required for various program functions.


Each configurable program function will be listed along with its default access level and current (overridden) access level, if any.  The current level for each function will be blank as long as it has not been overridden before, and will only change if you edit the function's level.


Note that the access level for many maintenance functions require Administrator access and cannot be changed, most reservation-editing functions are fixed at the Reservations level, and basic functions like unbound/customer transaction entry and customer editing is fixed at the Clerk level.  The configurable functions are the ones that you may want to decide whether you want to make them available to Reservation, Manager, or Administrator levels depending on your situation.



Editing Access Levels


To change the minimum access level required to perform a function, click on a function to highlight it and click Edit access level (or you can simply double-click on the function name).  A new dialog will appear to Add/edit Access Level Override.  This shows the function name and default level -- just select the New Minimum Access Level from the drop-down list.  There is also a special "Nobody" selection, which would make that function unavailable even to Administrators (effectively disabling the function), and also a "(logged out)" selection in case you want to make it available even if no operator is logged in.


Note that if you change the level back to its default, it will show that in both the Default and the Current level.  That's OK, it just means that it has been overridden before but is currently back to the default.



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