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(If you're getting an error when processing, see the Troubleshooting section at the bottom)


Here are the steps for setting up for use with T-Gate Web Services, for use with MCPS (Merchants' Choice Payment Solutions) merchant services.  You may also hear the term "PaySafe" in reference to this service.  


Network users: Note that settings are workstation-specific, so this must be done on each computer.  However if you set it up and get it working on the Master computer first, then on the others you can use the "Copy settings from the Master workstation" button to auto-copy all of the applicable settings in one step.


1.In Campground Master, go to Maintenance / Credit Cards / Processing Setup, and check the "Enable..." box
2.Make sure "Processing software is installed on this computer" is selected.
3.Select "MCPS / T-Gate Web Service" for the type of Processing Software Used.
4.Click the MCPS / T-Gate Settings button, and enter the User Name and Password given to you by MCPS.  The other options here should be left as the defaults.  Click Save to return to Processing Setup.
5.Make sure "AVS enabled" and "CVV2/CVC enabled" are both selected, since these are required for MCPS.
6.Set other options as desired in the Credit Card Processing Setup dialog (see Processing Setup Options).



MCPS (T-Gate) Settings Dialog


Various MCPS options are accessed through Maintenance / Credit Cards / Processing Setup, and clicking the "MCPS Settings" button (only available if "MCPS / T-Gate Web Service" is selected as the processing software used).


Support is provided for using a separate account for "swiped" transactions (card present and swiped in a mag stripe reader) vs. keyed-in transactions (card not present, also known as a "MOTO" account).  If you only use a single account for both types of transactions, then enter the same account user/password information in both sets of fields.


Account to use for swiped cards -- Set the User Name and Password given to you by Merchants' Choice for card-present transactions.  It must match exactly.


Account to use for keyed cards -- Set the User Name and Password given to you by Merchants' Choice for card-not-present transactions.  It must match exactly.


Other settings -- The remainder of the settings on this dialog should only be changed if directed by support staff.  Changing them may keep the processing from functioning properly!


In case they accidentally get changed, here are the correct defaults (as of the time of this publication):


 Endpoint domain:

 Port:                        443

 Endpoint path:                /SmartPayments/transact.asmx




MCPS Troubleshooting


Here are some common error messages when processing with MCPS, and their cause or remedy:


Refunds not processed (missing reference or PNRef) -- As of May 1st, 2019, refunds require the previous transaction reference.  Make sure you're running Campground Master version 10.0 rev.f (or later) to get this functionality.  Previous versions did not include the reference so will not be able to process refunds.  It's also necessary to have the previous processed credit card payment transaction as the most recent credit card transaction in the list of transactions you're able to view (e.g. in that same Reservation Transactions or POS Sale dialog), so that it has a credit card payment transaction to refer to.


"Object reference not set to an instance of an object" -- This is a general error, but is usually because the User Name and Password have not been entered yet for MCPS (see above).  It may also be due to incorrect settings for the Endpoint and Namespace (the things mentioned above that you shouldn't change), or it could also be a temporary problem at their servers.


"Serv not allowed" when swiping a card (keyed cards work) -- This usually means that your merchant account is set up as a "MOTO" (mail/phone only) so it won't accept swiped cards ("card present" transactions).  Get MCPS to change your account to "Retail".


"Cannot Exceed Sales Cap" (or similar) processing error for refunds -- This means the payment selected for the refund does not have enough to cover the refund.  See Refund Transactions Documentation for details.


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