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This section primarily applies if you plan to process credit cards directly through the software when making payments, instead of using a separate credit card terminal.  The Processing Setup dialog is accessed through Maintenance / Credit Cards.


Processing credit cards through the software helps keeps a record of credit card information, avoids duplicate entry into a separate terminal (and possible mistakes), and assures that credit card payments can't be recorded without the credit card charge being approved.  


IMPORTANT: If you're entering credit card information in Campground Master, even if you're not processing them, be sure to set the Credit Card Security options to limit your company's risk and liability!


PCI Compliance note:   Refer to the PCI/PA-DSS Compliance Guide (see the Introduction chapter) for important details about proper security procedures.





 Processing Software Options


 Basic Setup - X-Charge (OpenEdge)


         Debit Options (X-Charge XpressLink only)


 Basic Setup - Cayan MerchantWare Web Services


 Basic Setup - MCPS / T-Gate Web Services


 Hardware Setup


 Processing Setup Options Dialog


 Credit Card Security Options


 Credit Card History / Security Cleanup


 Removing a customer's credit card info


Obsolete services:


 PC Charge






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