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The Site Preferences dialog is accessed either from New Reservation by clicking the More Prefs button, or later from an existing reservation's Reservation Details by clicking the Site Preferences button.


(This dialog is also used as "Site Attributes" to define the attributes of each site when editing Site Details.  See the "More Site Attributes" section in the documentation for the Edit Site Details dialog for more information on how it's used there.)


Note that some of the selections will be duplicates of other dialog entry fields, so you don't have to come into here to set them (but you can change them here).  


Also, you can set up 5 "Quick-select preferences" as checkbox items on the New Reservations dialog.  This is commonly done for frequently used preferences like 50Amp and Pull-through for instance.  See Program Options / Reservations for details.


The Site Preferences dialog shows a list of all attributes that a site can have ("attributes" and "preferences" are used interchangeably).  For each attribute, there are three possible selection methods -- a drop-down list, a value, or a Must Have/Must Not Have selection.  Note first that any attribute which is blank (showing nothing next to the name) means that the customer doesn't care about that attribute, so it is not checked against the sites.  The list should start with all blanks, unless you have already chosen a Site Type from the reservation dialog (that's actually one of the attributes).


If you select a value from one of the drop-down lists, for instance the Site Type, Site Class, Pad Type, or Site Facing, then you will be limiting the available sites to those that match that attribute exactly (this is one reason to define the pick lists for these attributes carefully).


If you enter a value for an attribute field (for instance the Rig Length, Site Length, or Site Width), then any Site with that value or greater for the matching attribute will be shown.  Note that entering the Rig Length on the New Reservation dialog is the same as entering it in the Site Preferences.  In addition, some values can have both Minimum and Maximum values defined in the Site Attributes to define a range of allowed values, such as Rig Length, # Adults, and # Children.  Therefore the values for these on the New Reservation dialog would need to meet both the Min and Max criteria of the site, or else the site would be excluded.


The other types of attributes, such as 50A, Phone, and Handicapped Access, can be either "Must Have" or "Must Not Have" (or blank).  Note that when the attribute is blank there is a check box that's gray, meaning no selection.  If you click it once, it will change to Must Have, and the box will be checked.  If you click it again, it will change to Must Not Have, and the box will be white but unchecked.  Finally, if you click on it a 3rd time, it will go back to the blank (gray) state.  Also note that these types of preferences can be used to determine the Rental Rates or Add-On charges applied to reservations.  See the Rates Setup information, under "Applies only to field...", for details.


After making your preference selections you can Save them, or if you change your mind you can click Cancel and none of the changes will be saved.  Once they are saved, the mini-rack on the reservation dialog will remove any sites that don't fit the preferences criteria (preferences will filter the rack whether Show Available is checked or not, since Show Available only filters out sites with existing reservations).


Note that these preferences will stay with the reservation.  They will show up on the reservation's Quick-Info window, and will appear in the Requests column of some of the tab views.  Site preferences are especially useful when making unassigned reservations (a reservation with no site assignment), as a way to remember what attributes the customer asked for.


For information on setting up which Attributes are available here (enabling and disabling Reservation and Site Attribute fields), see Data Field Definitions.


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