The Notes Dialog

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The Notes dialog is used to enter multi-line notes, or just to get a better view of long notes.  It is invoked from any dialog that has a "..." button at the end of a Notes entry field, such as the Site Details, Customer Details, Reservation Details, or New Reservation.


Any current notes will of course be shown here, and the cursor will be placed at the end so you can begin adding to the notes immediately.  


Simply enter the notes as you want them to appear, using the Enter key to start new lines.  Long lines will wrap around automatically in this dialog, but be aware that when showing the notes in the Quick-info pop-up windows, the lines won't wrap and may cause the window to be very wide.


When multi-line notes are displayed as a single line, for instance on the Detail dialogs or in lists, each line break will be shown as a double-backslash (" \\ ").  Also note that extra "blank" lines at the beginning or end will be removed automatically.


Since both the Enter key and Ctrl-Enter are used to start new lines in the notes entry box, you must use Alt-S or click on the Save button to close this dialog.


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