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The Guest Management dialog is accessed from the Manage Guests button on the Reservation Details of the "host" reservation.  If you don't see "Manage Guests", then it's likely that there isn't a Reservation Type "Guest" (with the required "Guest" Base Type), or else it's been disabled.  See Maintenance / Pick Lists / Reservation Types.


A reservation's guest list is actually a list of additional "Guest" type reservations.  There is no limit to the number of guests you can add to a reservation, and of course they are optional.  The purpose of adding guests is simply to have information on everyone in your campground, particularly adults and additional vehicles.  This can be for security purposes or simply to allow guests to be charged separately for the add-on charges for extra people and vehicles.


A Guest reservation occupies the same site as its host (thus many reservations can be made for the same site, presumably temporary guests of the primary ("Normal"), or "host" reservation.  Since they are separate reservations, they can have their own charges just like other reservations, and will appear on reports like Arrivals, Departures, and On Site.  On the Rack view, guests will be indicated on the pop-up tip when the mouse hovers over the cell, and will also be shown in the Quick-Info window (e.g. when the reservation is double-clicked).


To add a guest reservation, use the Add a New Guest Reservation button.  (This function is also available from the right-click menu on the Rack.)  This will open a New Reservation dialog, which operates just like any other new reservation except that the site is already selected and cannot be changed.  Generally all you need to do is verify the dates (in case the guest is not staying as long), enter the customer information, and continue to charges/payment or check them in.


The First Night and Last Night for a guest must always be within the dates of the host reservation.


Since guests are separate reservations, they must also be checked in when they arrive and checked out when they leave.  Guests will show on the Arrivals and Departures views so they can be checked in and out separately.  Note that guests must normally all be checked out before the host reservation is checked out.  Likewise, a guest reservation cannot check in before its host.  If you want to allow guests and their host to arrive or depart in any order, you can allow this through a setting in Maintenance / Program Options / Reservations.


If a guest does not show up, or you need to cancel a guest reservation for any reason, you can use the Cancel Selected Guest Reservation function on the Manage Guests dialog, or you can cancel the guest from its own Reservation Details like any other reservation.  It will be automatically removed from the host's guest list when canceled.


Note that the Reservation Type for guests cannot be changed.  If a mistake is made and the reservation should not be a guest, the most likely recourse is to cancel the reservation and start a new one.


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