The Reservation Label Field

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The Reservation field "Label" is disabled by default.  Before enabling it (through Data Field Definitions), make sure you understand how it's used.


The Label field is designed for putting special notes or group names on the Rack like "Rally" or "Honeywagon".  When this field is enabled, a Label entry field will be added to the Reservation Details dialog (it will appear toward the right center, below the Linking/group leader information).  


Here are the key features of the Label field:

The Label, if there is one, will show on the Rack instead of the Last Name.

You can change the title of this field if desired (through Data Field Definitions), e.g. to "Company" or "Group", if you have a more specific use for it.

The pop-up tip when hovering the mouse over the name on all Tab views (Rack, Map, On Site, etc) will show the full Label (in case it doesn't fit on the Rack) and also the customer name.  The full label also shows up in the pop-up "Quick-info" window (e.g. when you double-click on it).  So while the Rack only shows a short bit, a longer label can still be useful.  In fact, you might want to start your labels with something that stands out like "!!!!!!", so that shows on the Rack to indicate a warning, and then put more the details after that so you can see them when you hover over it or double-click it.

The Label field can be added as a separate column on most Tab Views (it won't replace the Last Name there, so it needs a separate column).  See the Options for each tab view.

The Find Reservation function can search by Label, and will show the Label column if applicable.

If the reservation is linked with others, the Label is initially copied to each of the linked reservations by default.  However if it's changed on a non-synchronized reservation, you will be asked if it should be changed for all linked reservations -- so different labels for each are possible.

It's a Reservation field, not a Customer field, so for instance it won't "stick" to the customer for future reservations.

It's not on the New Reservations dialog by default, because the only place it would fit is a common area for adding custom fields that each park might want different according to their importance.  It can easily be added using a custom Dialog Definition.  Otherwise, you can always set it through Reservation Details after making the reservation.

When using the Search Grid function, the labels will also be included in the search (if the label field is being shown on the current tab view), with the same priority as the customer's last name.


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