Overview - Park Setup Functions

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The functions under Park Setup are for editing the Park, Site, Taxes, Rates and Operator tables of the database, plus a few other things.  These are primarily used when setting up the database, but of course you can use them to make changes to the sites, edit the park notes for the receipt, add or change operators, and so forth.  Administrator access is required to view Operators, and also to add or delete parks and sites.  You can view and edit parks and sites with Manager access, but cannot add or delete them unless you have Administrator access.


The Park, Site, and Operator dialogs works the same as the Customer Details dialog.  They have navigation controls at the top to step through records, add a new record, delete a record, and print a record.  See the Customer Details dialog (in the Working with Customers chapter) for information on the common navigation controls, and the appropriate section below for specific details.


The other dialogs (Taxes, Rates, Notice, and Confirmation text) are unique in their operation -- see the appropriate section below for details.





Parks Setup


Sites Setup


Taxes Setup


Taxes Reporting


Rates Setup


Auto-Rates Setup


Deposits Setup


Operator Setup


Maps Setup


Schedules Setup


Restrictions & Reminders Setup


Electric, Gas, and Water Meters Setup


Notice message / Confirmation letter text


SMTP (Send mail) Setup

Confirmation E-mail text and options




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