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You can configure the E-mail confirmation letter text similar to the options for printed confirmation letters.  This configuration is done through Maintenance / E-mail Setup / Confirmation E-mail text & options.


The first option enables a preview of the confirmation E-mail before sending.  This is recommended, especially if you might want to add special notes to the message for each customer.  It will open an E-mail window where you can edit the text or subject of the E-mail as needed before sending.  Note that this may be overridden when selecting a specific form for E-mailing, when multiple forms are defined, but will be used as a default for confirmations.


The Subject for the E-mails should be something fairly generic, but also something that should catch the customer's attention.  For instance, include the name of your campground so they know what it's about.  This is only used as a default -- if you edit the Form then you can change the subject there (and have multiple Forms with different subjects), in which case this setting will be ignored.


The Letter text may be any length.  You can also add line breaks, blank lines, etc. using the Enter key just like typing a letter.  The Bottom text can also be any length.


If you have the "Site_Confirmation_Text" field enabled for sites (see Data Field Definitions), you can have special bottom text appear for individual sites.  The Bottom Text from this dialog will be used as the default for sites without special text entered, but you can override it by entering Confirmation Text in Site Details.


Summary Options -- these are used for the E-mail confirmations that don't include a complete Transaction table.  There is an option to show only the deposit paid and balance due on the confirmation letters, in case you don't want to show details.  


In addition, you have the option to show the Reservation Type and how many adults and children the rate is based on, and include pets, vehicles, and trailers.


Show "Check In/Out" instead of "First/Last Night" -- this option will show the dates as the actual dates of check-in and check-out (departure), rather than first and last night (the Check-In day is the same as First Night, but the Check-Out day is one day later than Last Night).  This is largely a matter of preference, but can avoid some confusion by the customer.  It was also an attempt to help Google interpret the dates when it decides to show an appointment card, but it doesn't always help.  Note that this only affects the Confirmation letter, not E-mail receipts and invoices.




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