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If you use Office 365 (which is also used by GoDaddy), the settings should be:


Host Name/Address:

Port Number:                587

Use SSL:                Unchecked

Use TLS:                Checked

Authentication method:        AUTH LOGIN    (Automatic may also work)

Username :                (your Office365 E-mail address)

Password :                (your Office365 password)



In addition, you may need to enable (or re-enable) SMTP on your Office365 account.  This is an issue for Microsoft, but the information at this link may help:


If that link doesn't work, you may be able to find the information by searching for "SmtpClientAuthentication" in Microsoft 365 help on Microsoft's web site.  This may also be helpful:





There are some changes going on with Office 365 and Microsoft 365, and it looks like they might disable the basic SMTP authentication any time, requiring newer OAUTH2 authentication.  Campground Master does not yet support this for Microsoft, so if this is the case then you would need to set up an E-mail address with a different service like GMail to use with Campground Master.  


Also note that if you're using MS Exchange (and this might also apply to Office365 now), they will be completely disabling SMTP but you may be able to re-enable it.

However, we recently heard that if you didn't make these changes before December 31s, 2022, then it's already too late.  It will require changes to Campground Master in order to use MS Exchange, similar to the changes we made for GMail.  Look for this in a future version of Campground Master.


Because of these complications, our support will not be able to help you with getting E-mail to work with and Microsoft / Office365 accounts.















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