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If you use America Online for your Internet access, there is an SMTP server available for you to use.  Reminder -- you can only use the AOL SMTP host if your E-mail address (for the From & Reply-to) is also an address.  The following Server settings should be used:


Host Name/Address:

Port Number:                587

Use SSL:                Unchecked

Use TLS:                Checked

Authentication method:        Automatic

Username :                (your AOL screen name)

Password :                (your AOL password)


Also, the Sender E-mail address should be in the Internet format (your AOL screen name followed by ""), such as:  Note that any spaces in your screen name must be removed, so "My Screen Name" would become


Note: You may also have to go into your AOL account settings and enable access from 3rd party programs -- AOL has a new feature that blocks SMTP until you change a security option.  To solve this (details or wording may be slightly different than this description):


1. Sign in if needed (through

2. Go to "Account Info" (e.g. through your avatar icon)

3. Go to "Account Security"

4. Click "Generate App Password" (or "Manage App Passwords") to add a new app password

5. Select "Other App" as the application type

6. Enter "Campground Master" for the name

7. Click on "Generate"

8. Copy the App Password it gives you into the Password field in SMTP setup




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