Synchronizing Linked Reservations

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Any time changes are made to a reservation that is synchronized with other linked reservations, you will be prompted with an option to keep the reservations synchronized.  This means that the same changes will be made to all of the linked/synchronized  reservations, so they will all keep identical dates and status.  It's very important to answer this correctly, since making the wrong choice can end up with a mess that's time-consuming to straighten out.


Answering No (to not keep them synchronized) will keep the changes from being made to the other reservations, but more importantly it will make this reservation a stand-alone reservation, no longer synchronized to the other(s).  It will still be linked for reference and they will appear in each others' lists of linked reservations, but changes will not be synchronized (and the "synchronized" indication will be cleared).  If this is done by mistake, the only recourse is to delete this reservation and add a new synchronized reservation to the rest of the group.  If this was the Master for the synchronized reservations, the next one "in line" will become the new Master for any remaining synchronized reservations.


You will usually want to answer Yes to keep them synchronized, but there are some cases where you might want to un-synchronize them on purpose.  For instance if one person in the party leaves early or stays later, you can separate him from the group.  Another example is if you have two reservations linked for one person, such as a campsite and a trailer storage space, and you need to end one of them prematurely (e.g. he sells the trailer). The proper procedure in this case would be to Split the reservation on the date you want to cancel one of them, and tell it not to keep them synchronized.  The first half of the split would remain synchronized, but the second half would be separated so you can cancel one of them.


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