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Groups are generally just linked reservations with the Group reservation type.  Working with them is the same as other linked reservations, with a few exceptions.


One difference you'll notice besides the color difference on the Rack is that group reservations will show "[Group]" in the pop-up tips for with the reservation customer, and will have a Group Leader.  If this reservation's customer is not the same as the group leader, the group leader's name will appear in the pop-up tip as a group name, like "[Group : Good Sams]".  Also note that the Master of a group (not the leader, but the Linked Master) will be shown in a darker color (according to the Color Key).  This aids in separating groups visually if you have more than one group and they are next to each other, and also indicates which reservation should receive transactions as  long as they are still synchronized.


When making group reservations, it works best if you make the initial reservation under a group name (add a customer whose Last Name is the group name you want to see, for instance).  The first customer used for a group will automatically become the group leader for the group.  You can change the customers for the individual reservations later (see below).


The group leader will also be shown in the Reservation Details dialog, along with a View button.  You can use the View button to see the Customer Details for the group leader (and make changes if needed), but you cannot change which customer is the group leader.


The group leader information is really just a reference, and has no special function other than showing up in various places.


One advantage to a group reservation is that a "Change Customer" option will be available on the right-click menu if it hasn't been checked in yet.  While Change Customer is always available on the Reservation Details dialog, it's handy to have on the right-click so you can change it just before checking them in (it appears right on top of the Check In option as a reminder) -- when an individual for a group arrives, first change the customer name (adding a new one if needed), and then check them in.  Note that changing the customer will automatically un-synchronize the reservation, so that the check-in status (and dates if necessary) can be changed for just that reservation. Un-synchronizing  also means that when the rates are selected, only the rates for that site will be shown.


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