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The Journal is for making manual entries of notes.  This can be done for the system in general, or for specific Reservations, Customers, Sites, Vendors, and Inventory items.  How you make use of the Journal and what kinds of things you put in it is up to you.


Here are the key features of the Journal entries:


The View / Journal Entries function operates as a report as well as a way to enter System Journal entries.  You can select the type of Journal entries to show (Main System, Reservation, Site, etc), and also filter by a date range.

You can add any number of custom User fields, just like you can for Sites, Customers, etc.

A "Journal" button is added to the various Details dialogs for Reservations, Sites, Customers, etc.  This will open the Journal Entries list but will be limited to showing entries applying to that one record.

From the Journal Entries list, you can Add an entry, Delete entries, View an entry details, or View the record (Site, Reservation, etc) associated with that entry.

You can Print the list or Export the list to a CSV file, as with all other reports.

Access Levels are available to limit access to various Journal functions (viewing, adding, editing, etc.)

You could create a Color scheme that will highlight reservations or sites with any recent Journal Entries, for instance, or create a Query for Journal Entries to report them using your own filtering.

When a Journal entry is added, it also goes in the Audit Trail (as well as any changes to the entry or if the entry is deleted).

Journal entries are kept indefinitely by default (until manually deleted from this dialog, or if the associated record is deleted or Purged with old data).




Further Topics:


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