Hardware Selection

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Below is a list of suggested equipment to use for the P.O.S. system, with choices in some areas depending on your budget and preferences.  If you need help locating a supplier, please contact us.  Also see our web site for updated lists and hardware purchase information.  We can't support any hardware you purchase elsewhere (other than the setup in Campground Master itself), so we recommend purchasing from us unless you have a local computer technician to help with hardware setup.


Which items you need for your system depend on your situation.  Technically the P.O.S. can be operated without any external hardware other than a standard PC printer.  In a high-traffic situation, however, we recommend that you use a bar-code scanner, a receipt printer, and a cash drawer, possibly with a pole display added for a nice touch.  


A magnetic stripe reader for credit cards is only needed if you plan to process credit cards through Campground Master, and then you also need compatible processing software that works with your merchant account.  See the Credit Card Processing section under Maintenance Functions for details.


Choosing Hardware Interfaces


The bar-code scanners and mag-stripe readers usually interface through USB, and the cash drawers interface through the receipt printer (assuming you use a receipt printer) which is also usually USB.  If you don't plan to use a receipt printer but do want a cash drawer that opens automatically, then you will need to use a USB or serial port for the cash drawer.


Parallel or serial ports will work for receipt printers, but you need to make sure the computer has a real parallel or serial port, not a USB port conversion device.



Suggested Equipment


The items listed below are models that we sell -- see our web site for more details.  You can contact us directly to purchase these items, or contact your own vendor.  These are all "basic" models, so there may be additional options  available (for instance different colors, added stands, etc.).  The sales person can help you with options and other questions.


Bar code scanners (USB "keyboard emulation", triggered or auto-trigger, decoded)

Metrologic 9520 laser, long range


Receipt Printers (USB, with cash drawer port)

Epson U200 series, a basic impact printer

Epson TM-88iv, a fast thermal printer


Cash drawers (interface to receipt printer or USB)

APG Multipro Series, various sizes and media slot options


Pole display

Logic Controls PD-3000, serial or USB


Mag stripe readers (track 1,2 & 3)

Magtek USB "keyboard emulation" 2-head bidirectional mini-swipe


Important: For the mag stripe readers and bar code scanners, it's imperative that they are "keyboard emulation" interface types, not "HID" (Human Interface Device).


If you're unsure about whether a particular device not listed here will work with the software, please contact us.  Also see our web site for updated lists and vendor information.


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