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This dialog is accessed through View / Alerts, and then press the Alerts Options button on that dialog.


These options determine the number of days to keep alerts (generally an alert isn't needed once it's processed, but some history may be handy especially if support is needed in diagnosing the cause of the alerts).  There is also a setting for a maximum alerts (to keep the database from getting flooded with alerts).


Also specify how many seconds of inactivity before showing an alert.   This is to minimize "annoyance" when an alert pops up -- set it for 5 or 10 seconds, for instance, so that an alert won't appear while you're in the middle of a dialog or moving the mouse around working on something.


Note that there are also some Access levels associated with alerts (who can view them or take action on them, etc.) -- see Maintenance / Park Setup / Access Levels.



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