Other Changes
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·Credit card numbers are now automatically formatted with spaces in-between digits.  
·Allow credit card information to be saved without the "Name" being filled in.  
·The monthly auto-charge calculations have been fixed for February 29th in leap years (avoid adding an extra daily-rate charge).  
·An Access Level setting has been added to prevent changing a reservation's Resv Type after it's saved.  
·Fixed Rates definitions to allow selecting all discounts to apply (previously it would not select any of them if you tried to apply the rate to all discounts in the pick list).  
·Fixed the problem of not adding (or re-adding) the Discount transaction category in the pick list, which made it impossible to select "Discount" as the category.  
·Fixed so record ID's cannot be re-used even if records have been deleted (this was causing potentially serious problems with networked workstations, but would not affect single-computer usage).  
·Removed share/security flags from file operations when making backups, which might have been causing problems in some circumstances for "Limited" XP users.  
·The reserved Transaction Categories ("Deposit", "Refund", etc.) have been removed from some drop-down lists where they would not be appropriate (e.g. Tax Setup).