Using the demo to train people

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Q: Can I use the demo to train people without interfering with the data (or other computers)?


A: Yes you can, as long as your real database is using a name other than "demo" and you specifically open the demo database.  You also wouldn't want to do this on the Master computer (in a networked environment), since that would disable all of the other workstations.  To run the demo, just use the "Campground Master demo" icon on the desktop, or if you've removed that, go to Start / Programs / Campground Master / Sample database (demo).  This will open the demo database, and since the demo isn't enabled for networking then it won't affect any of the other workstations.  When done training, close Campground Master and re-open it the way you normally do.


Note: If you don't find the "Sample database" option, try File / Open to see if there is a "demo" database under Shared Documents\Campground Master (or in Vista, Public Documents\Campground Master).  If it's not there, then you would need to install the "free demo" version of the software from our web site -- just make sure it's the same version that you're using now (see Help / About Campground Master for the version, and download that same version from the Downloads page of our web site).


You might also want to restore a backup of your real database into the "demo" database -- so they can train with your actual setup.  Just be very careful about which database is open, or else you might mistakenly change your real data, or mistakenly enter real reservations in the training database.  Note that in a networked setup, assuming you do this on a computer that's normally a client, it will try to connect to the server but will fail (due to mis-matched database names).  Therefore you would need to go under Maintenance / Network Functions / Work Offline.  Do *not* try to change the network settings, as this would also affect the settings for your real database -- causing it to become corrupt once you re-open the real database.



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