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This dialog is accessed through the main menu: P.O.S. / Purchase Orders / Print Vendor Labels (or Print Vendor Envelopes).  It's also used if Print Labels or Print Envelopes is done from Find/Print Purchase Orders.


Vendor labels and envelopes are basically printed the same way as Customer labels and envelopes (from the Reports menu), so some of the details can be found in that section.


If you're accessing this function from the main menu, all vendors will be shown by default.  You can also select which vendors to be printed by using either Purchase Order filtering or Inventory Item filtering, or both. If both are selected, an vendor must meet both criteria (pass both the filtered orders and the filtered items) in order for it to be included.


If you're accessing this function through Find/Print Purchase Orders, then only vendors for those orders will be listed (if you uncheck the option to filter out duplicates it will show a separate line and print a label/envelope for each order item, but that would probably be pointless).  The filtering options will not be shown.


Note that the vendor contact names are not printed on the labels, since it's assumed that the contact names could contain multiple names or other information that wouldn't be appropriate for the labels.


You can view or edit any vendor's information by double-clicking on the corresponding line.


When ready to print, select the vendors to be printed (or don't select any to print them all), select the format to use form the drop-down list, and click the Print Labels or Print Envelopes button.



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