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To simplify data entry, as well as save database space, you might want to disable any data fields that you don't plan to use.  This section briefly describes some of the fields in the P.O.S. system that can be disabled.  Refer to the Maintenance / Define Data Fields section of the documentation for general information on managing data fields.


Inventory Item Fields


Qty, Re-order Threshold -- If your only purpose of setting up inventory items is to have pre-set pricing, and you don't care to manage inventory levels, then you can disable these fields.


Cost, Re-order minimum, Vendor, Vendor stock # and description -- If you don't want to print purchase orders with the software and don't care to keep track of vendor information, then you can disable these fields.


Add Tax 1 through 5 -- You only need tax fields enabled for which you have Taxes set up, so if you only have 2 different taxes then you might as well disable the other 3 fields.


Park -- This field is disabled by default, because in most cases all of your inventory is combined.  However if you need to manage separate parks separately, or even separate stores in a single park, then you can enable this field to allow separate parks/stores to track their inventory levels and sales independently.


Inactive -- This field can be used to "hide" inventory items that you no longer sell (except from reports).  Disable this field if that's not important.


Notes -- This can be a handy field if you like to keep a lot of information on your inventory items, but disable it if it's not necessary.



Inventory Item Discount Fields


This applies to both the General Discounts and Item-specific discounts.


Seasons/Dates Applicable -- These fields are only necessary if you have sales or other discounts based on specific dates, and want to set up discounts to automatically take effect on those dates.


Unavailable Sun - Mon -- These are only necessary of you want discounts to automatically be applied (or not applied) on certain days of the week.


Notes -- Disable if you don't need to make notes about your discount settings.



Vendor Fields


Address Line 2, Phone, E-mail -- These fields are for your own information, so disable the fields you don't want.


Tax ID, PO Notes -- These fields are used for printing purchase orders, but otherwise they are not needed.


Notes -- Disable if you don't need to keep private notes about the vendors.



Purchase Order Transaction Fields


Qty and Date Received -- If you are using the Purchase Order functions just as a convenience but don't actually track your inventory or orders outstanding with the software, then you can disable these fields.


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