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Basic P.O.S. functions include sales entry, reporting, and purchase order functions.  Most of these can be found under the P.O.S. menu on the main menu bar.  The one exception is transaction (sales) reporting, which is done using the Transactions tab view along with all other financial reports in Campground Master.



Added Shortcuts and Helpful Tips


There are some additional shortcut keys added for the P.O.S. functions:


Ctrl-T -- Re-opens the last Transactions added or viewed (sales ticket)

Ctrl-I  -- Find Inventory

Ctrl-L -- Find (Look up) Receipt


Here are some other helpful keys you can use in various functions.  They're not all new, but listed here as a refresher:


F4 -- This hasn't changed, it's still the same as clicking the cash register icon on the toolbar.  But with the P.O.S. option it now opens the new Point of Sale dialog instead of the normal Unbound Transactions dialog (unless this is changed through Maintenance / Program Options / Functions).  So at a busy P.O.S. workstation, you'll be using F4 a lot (or you  should be), unless you prefer clicking the icon with the mouse.


F4 inside Transactions -- F4 also opens the P.O.S. dialog when you're inside the Transactions dialog for Reservations or Customers (same as clicking the P.O.S. button inside that dialog).


F8 -- Use this to print a receipt in the P.O.S. dialog (it also does the default Print function in just about any other dialog, as it did before).


Ctrl-Enter -- This is the same as clicking the Done button (or Save) on most dialogs.


Esc -- This is the same as clicking Cancel on most dialogs (or Close, if there is no Cancel button).






Sales Entry -- Point of Sale dialog

Returns / Refunds

Find P.O.S. Receipt

Find Inventory Item

Inventory Filter

Inventory Reports

Purchase Orders




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