Integrating the Vacancy Grid with your reservation form

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If you're using the "Export to Web Vacancy grid" function and you also have your own reservation form on your web site, you may have been wishing you could automatically insert the site and date selected into the form when your customer clicks on one of the "V" links in your vacancy grid.  The old example just has the "V" links opening an E-mail, where it can show the site and date in the E-mail's subject, but that's no use if you want them to fill out a form -- and of course to use the new Online Reservation functions you'll want to use a form, not just an E-mail.


Now we've discovered a way to do it, and it doesn't require CGI, PHP, or any other special web server programming.  It can be done in Javascript, which for the most part you can simply plug into your existing HTML page for your web form.  (This does require a bit of HTML coding knowledge, but should be just a 10 minute job for any web page designer.)  We've created the code necessary to do it, as an example you can plug into your web form.


If you're reading this newsletter online or as an e-Book, click here: Javascript Example


If this is the PDF version of the newsletter, the example is already included at the end.


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