How to Separate Refunds-by-Check on Reports

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(From Newsletter #46, Sept 10, 2018)

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Q: On the Receipts by Payment Method, it's subtracting the refunds we give by check from the checks received, making it hard to follow what's actually deposited in the bank.  How can we show refunds separately?


A: One way would be to filter it -- after doing Receipts by Payment Method, go to More Filters and exclude Refund from the Transaction Types list (Ctrl-Click on "Refunds" to un-highlight it).  However that means doing a separate report to get the refund checks, and it also means that cash and credit card refunds would be excluded.


The better method is to add a new Payment Method for the refund checks, and use that when doing refunds.  


1. Go to Maintenance / Pick Lists / Payment Methods, and check the "Allow editing of fields" box.


2. Click New Record.


3. Enter the desired name, e.g. "Refund Check" in each of the fields.  Make sure you set Enabled to "Yes".


4. Move that entry up to the desired order, e.g. next to Check, with the Move Up button.  Click Close when done.


Now when you enter a Refund, select the new payment method instead of "Check".  It will be shown separately on the Receipts by Payment Method report.



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