Fixing a credit card payment entered on the wrong customer

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(From Newsletter #48, Feb 2, 2020)

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Q: A clerk charged propane and swiped the credit card in the wrong customer account.  Is there and easy fix?


A: The "simplest" would be if the customer is still available (and it's still the same day), then you could Void the payment and re-do it on the correct account.


If that's not an option:


There's no way to "move" a transaction to another customer, so one option is use Transfer Payment.  However be aware that the next payment done on that wrong customer may try to bring up that same card information by default (unless you clear the credit card information from that customer using Maintenance / Credit Cards / Remove a customer's credit card information -- but that would wipe ALL card information from that customer) -- so make a Memo or other note to remind you of that.


The other option would be to Delete the payment transaction (without processing a Void), then re-enter it on the correct customer without processing it.  When re-entering it you would need to either use a different Payment Method (like "Other") or disable credit card processing (under Maintenance / Credit Cards) while re-entering it so it doesn't require running the card again.  Either way you would lose the card information for the payment (e.g. you may not be able to do a refund or subsequent charge without the card present again).


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