Extending a Stay

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Let's say Mr. Able really likes your campground and has decided to stay 2 extra days, so we need to extend his reservation.



1) Starting from the Rack view, right-click on his new expected leaving date (2 cells past his current ending date).


2) Click "Extend Previous Reservation to this date" in the menu.


3) Answer Yes to the confirmation prompt.


4) Since they're already checked in, the Transaction dialog will appear so you can add the extra charges. Since the dates have changed, you will not want to click the Auto-calculate Rate Charges button to have it add the additional charges.  Then follow the same steps as in the Check In tutorial to add the additional payment and print a new receipt. If you wish, you can use Print New Transactions Only for the receipt so that the earlier transactions aren't duplicated. Click Done, and the changes are finished.





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