Deleting a Reservation

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If you created a reservation by mistake, it's usually best to Cancel it rather than delete it entirely (or make corrections as needed such as changing the customer), so there's an information trail.  


However if it was only a test or for some reason it's inappropriate to keep in the database, you can delete it using the Delete button at the top of Reservation Details.


You will be asked to confirm the permanent deletion.  However, if the reservation has any transactions then it cannot be deleted yet.  This is a safeguard to prevent deleting financial information by accident.  Generally if a reservation has had transactions then it wasn't a mistake and should not be deleted, but perhaps just needs to be checked out or cancelled instead.  


If you absolutely want to delete the reservation and all of its transactions, then you can do so by following this procedure (starting at the Reservation Details dialog showing the reservation to be deleted):


1. Click on the New / Edit Transactions button.

2. If there are any transactions in the list, delete them:

a. Click on transaction in the list

b. Click on Delete Selected Item(s).

c. Repeat steps a and b for each transaction.

3. Click Done on the Transactions dialog.

4. Click Delete on the Reservation Details dialog.


When a reservation is deleted, all references to it are cleaned up as well.  This includes removing it from the reservation history of the customer and any guests, and removing it from any linked reservations.  If this was the "Linked Master" for synchronized reservations, the next synchronized reservation in line will become the new master.


If you also wanted to completely get rid of the customer that was used for the reservation, see Deleting a Customer.



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