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A couple quick reminders:


 Make Backups!  It's so sad when we hear from someone whose computer has crashed and they have no backup of their data to restore from.  It's so easy to make a backup to a thumb drive, there's really no excuse for not doing it at least once per week, if not daily.


 Re-installing / Installing on a new computer -- This is the number one support question we get, even though we've put the information everywhere we can possibly put it: in the documentation, in the Support menu on our web site, and directly on the Help menu in the program.  You'll need this information eventually, so make a note of how to find it now so you don't have to ask later.  See our web site under Support / Installing on a new computer.



Q & A

 E-mail forms -- long text not wrapping

 Batch E-mail -- saving the filter

 E-mail confirmation requires an extra step to select a form

 Reconciling old Reservation balances

 Speeding up the Rack view

 Credit Cards - Refund getting "cannot exceed sales cap" error


Tips & Techniques

 E-mail confirmations -- putting the customer name in the Subject

 Adding a logo to E-mail confirmations

 E-mailing a cancellation letter

 E-mailing a thank-you letter

 Rates Setup -- Special case rates using a Reservation type

 Changing tax rates

 Rates Setup - 2-night minimum for weekends

 Enlarging the Transactions dialogs


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