Clerk Can Cancel a Completed Sale

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Q. In the P.O.S. and Reservations Transactions, if the clerk hits Cancel at the end of the transaction then the sale is not saved into the system, even after a receipt is printed – is that right?  I have had issues that when I go to Receipts by Payment Method a transaction is not listed but I have a printed receipt for a sale.


A. Correct, clicking Cancel would cause the transactions to not be saved.  To prevent this problem, check the option "Automatically save transactions when a receipt is printed" under Maintenance / Program Options / POS.


Also note that prior to version 3.6, there was no equivalent option in normal Transactions (non-P.O.S. sales), so there was no way to prevent canceling a sale after a receipt is printed.  In version 3.6, this option was added -- go to Maintenance / Program Options / Prompts, and check "Save transactions immediately when a receipt is printed".


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