Changing Site Assignments

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You can change the site assignment from the right-click menu in the tab view, or from the Assign or Change Site… button on the Reservation Details dialog.


When changing the site or assigning a site to an unassigned reservation, a dialog just like the New Reservation dialog will be used so you can do all of the same site preferences and vacancy checks to find a new site.  Everything else will be filled in, so just click the Done button when finished selecting the new site.


Note that when changing a site, only one site can be selected for the reservation.  To add additional sites you will need to use the Add Linked Reservations option, which is only available from the right-click menu on the tab views.



Moving Checked-In Reservations, or moving in the middle of their stay


If a customer has already checked in on a previous date and is changing sites later (e.g. they stayed at least one night on a different site and now want to move), then you should split the reservation before changing their site.  Otherwise, it will move them for their entire stay including prior nights, which would be incorrect and could conflict with prior reservations on the new site.


Therefore, locate the reservation on the Rack and right-click on the reservation cell in the date they will actually be moving.  Then select the Split Reservation option.  This will create a secondary reservation starting that date, which you can then move to the new site.  For more information, see the "Splitting Reservations" section.  After the split, then right-click again and select Assign or Change Site to select the site for the new half.



Swapping Sites


If you have two existing reservations that you need to swap the sites for, there is an easy way to do this.  First use the Assign or Change Site function as described above.  Once that dialog opens up, locate the site/reservation you want to swap with.  Since it's occupied, you can't just double-click on that site to assign it because that would create a conflict.  However you can right-click on that reservation in that site and select Swap Sites with this reservation.  If the swap would create a conflict with other reservations, or if the other reservation is flagged as "Don't Move", it won't be allowed.  Otherwise it will ask for confirmation -- answer Yes and the swap will be done.


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